Bus Fare, expected to rise

The 15 days strike insisting wage rise and hiring more staff, which had been announced by the bus union before the implementation of the 52-hour week system, could be avoided. In the discussions that continued until dawn, Seoul city government and Labor Union and management agreed on mutual understanding, while Gyeonggi Province postponed the strike … Continue reading Bus Fare, expected to rise

Food Prices in Seoul, 6th Highest in the World

According to a survey, Seoul is listed as the 6th most expensive city in the world for food and grocery prices. A website that works on studies related to the city-state comparison statistics, "www.bio.com" has done a survey that says that Seoul's food price index stood at 105.01, the sixth-highest among 375 major cities worldwide. The … Continue reading Food Prices in Seoul, 6th Highest in the World